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After... Landscape Within, vol.7 Winter 2017.

Landscape Within updates the popular saying ‘you are what you eat’ to propose that ‘you are also where your food is grown, the landscape where you live and what your parents and grandparents were exposed to in their lifetime’.
Landscape Within reveals how our bodies and minds are changed by heavy metal contamination as a result of industrial activity and waste. The work presents new body-parts and machine systems that use plants, bacteria, food, worms and frogs to help us thrive in these future toxic landscapes. For further information about the project, please go to Landscape Within on burtonnitta.co.uk




After... Gutscape,
vol.6 Spring 2017.

The human gut consists of a vast network of nerves that rivals the brain in both complexity and diversity of cell types. New perspectives originating from scientific research on the gut-brain reveals that this organ influences our feelings, helps create our gut-decisions, it listens in on the trillion of gut flora living inside us and steers our subconscious behaviour. Future enhancements of the gut-brain will create new potential for how it functions and its interactions with the rest of our body. New abilities gained may include upgraded intelligence, additional sensory perceptions of the environment and interactions with the wealth of gut flora that live inside us. For further information about the project, please go to Gutscape on burtonnitta.co.uk




After... I need you, vol.4 Winter 2015.

Two sides of an evolutionary dance play out in our homes: we guide the evolution of pets to live with us - in turn they change us.
So be careful what you invite over the threshold as it might change you in unseen ways.Our coevolutionary mission begins at home with three scenarios exploring key life events of birth, love and death.



After... Hil, Dale and Ham, vol.2 Summer 2014.

After... Hill, Dale & Ham focuses on three pockets of South East London to redesign the social systems, environment and city to contrasting influences of alternative realities and if history had taken different courses. The works discover fascinating histories of the people who live and have lived here alongside how the city has been shaped. At the same time the creative responses discover influences and challenges that can be found universally and are embedded in human citizenship.






After... Birth, vol.1 Summer 2012.

After... Birth Issue is the debut journal. It takes the act of birth and procreation as it's muse.
This humbling process allows us to discover altered perceptions of what it is to be human and how we will evolve in the future.



Burton Nitta