After… investigates past and present events that form the basis of alternative realities and futures. Publications feature creative outcomes, documentaries, experiments and narratives along wide-ranging curiosities and subjects.

So if you’re interested in how people, technology and futures will change 'who we are' and 'where we are heading', then After… is for you.

After… is created by art duo, Burton Nitta and features their work alongside guest contributors.

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Currently After...BIRTH on show  
at out_sight gallery, Seoul, 
14 September - 21 October 2018


Featured Articles

To coincide with the exhibition of our first After…BIRTH in Seoul, here are some of the works within the book and new features added for the show.


Diary of a Procreative Botanist

Entry No.2

21th September 2018


Today, I discovered a plant on a monumental relationship rebound! Its story is a horticultural soap opera playing out over centuries and a story with a strange Stockholm syndrome twist.

The plant in question is the avocado.

Its original partner, the giant ground sloth, lived in the early Pliocene period and walked the Earth with the great mammoths. The ground sloth was a herbivore and the unlikely custodian of the avocado tree. Unlike its ancestors living today, a common sight was a giant sloth stood on hind legs embracing those early trees. As a pairing, the sloth was uniquely equipped to digest the fruit and allow the large seed to pass through their digestive tract intact. The avocado fed the sloth and in return the sloth distributed their seeds across the landscape, creating a cradle of dung for the new trees.

Then tragedy struck. Humans hunted the giant ground sloth to extinction. In so doing, they ripped apart the tender embrace of these lovers.

Perhaps that would be the end of the avocado’s story, was it not for its amazing adaptive ability.

It embraced the villain. It turned humans into its puppet and a new mammal-mate.

Now, it pumps and nourishes the most muscle-bound of the human species. In return, humans spread its seeds across the world. In fact, it so beguiles humans that they chop-down other species of trees to grow more of its own kin.

However, it remembers the lover it lost. Every now and then, it gives a cautious blow to those destructive humans. It doesn’t give up its seed easily, but a little resistance makes the careless human cut their hands when removing its heart from its flesh. As a warning, the plants revenge results in a spike of ‘avocado hand’ incidents seen in hospital accident and emergency wards across the world.

The avocado’s story reminds us we are uniquely linked with plants. They have the power to seduce us and we often act on their behalf in a haze of botanical desire.

The full diary of a Procreative Botanist is featured in the chapter called Bureau of Coevoution found in After... BIRTH, available here.




Diary of a Procreative Botanist

Entry No.1

14th September 2018


I love plants! I don't think you understand, I really love plants.

I talk to them and they talk to me.

Take the deathly temptress and goddess that is the venus fly trap. Don’t let her passive appearance misguide you. With every stroke from a fly’s leg against the hairs in her mouth agape, she counts. The first touch, second, third, to the climatic end, as she snaps shut!  

One Halloween it dawned on me as I carved my dream lovers face into a pumpkin! In the moment of transformation, as it slipped between the realms of plant-life and human, I realised I could help the plants get what they want. I could make people appreciate plants on a new level. I will design ways that people need, want, desire, yearn for plants - on a passionate level, but not in a horticultural sense.

No. On a level akin to the hormone-filled lust for a lover or the nurturing self-sacrificing of a parent towards an offspring. A new relationship to heighten the botanical allure.   

In my potting shed, I will invent sex-veg! Botany in the boudoir and garden. I will plant the beds of every household - from flowerbeds to the bedroom.

I will create a new way to plant the seed. And it won’t be babies they find in the cabbage patch. They’ll find the aphrodisiacal flesh of the cucumber, gourd, strawberry and asparagus, which my fellow botanical procreators will not be able to resist.


The full diary of a Procreative Botanist is featured in the chapter called Bureau of Coevoution found in After... BIRTH, available here.




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